Art Gallery in Lima

The Lima Art Museum

Investor: The Lima Art Museum
Phase: competition project
Date: 2016
Area: 6 177 sqm

Konrad Basan
Paweł Dadok
Zbigniew Maćków
Maria Roj

In cooperation with:
Mateusz Rymar

The competition pertained to the MALI art gallery extension in the Peruvian capital – Lima. The new building was to be erected next to the Parque de la Exposicion adjacent to the current seat of a classicist colonial art gallery right at the intersection of two metro lines. We proposed a layout of terraced gardens combining an illuminated park with the underground metro station and a didactic program related to the green terraces on the lowering terraces. The lowest floor was dedicated to exhibition and storage spaces. Above ground level, we raised a wide roof supported by a colonnade, creating a space for art and nature sheltered from the scorching sun. The classicist building of the MALI gallery emerges from behind the openwork wall.