Residence Vysocany

Mixed use (residential and commercial) building in Vysocany, Prague

Investor: Penta Real Estate
Phase: design competition
Year: 2020
Area: 25 080 sqm
Number of residential units: 250

Konrad Basan
Paweł Dadok
Maria Roj

Tomasz Szmerdt
Aleksandra Nowotniak

The design refers to the best assumptions of the traditional quarter-based residential development. The building uses all the advantages of the city, at the same time providing a space of peace, quiet and relaxation in contact with nature.

We have equipped all apartments with wide terraces from which residents can observe the life of Praga district. You can enjoy views of the Park, sports grounds and passers-by. Thanks to the terraces, the building facade becomes changeable and lively, particularly by the residents using them, each in their own way.

The inner atrium provides an escape from the hustle and bustle, a green oasis evoking balance and peace. A green, quiet courtyard in residential buildings is an important advantage, providing moments of respite from the busy city. We designed each apartment as overlooking two different views – the courtyard and the street. Thanks to this, while staying in the apartment, you can observe the city on one side and the greenery on the other.

We wanted residents to be able to enjoy tall trees right away, that’s why the underground storeys are located outside the courtyard. We assumed replanting large, 10-15-meter trees into the courtyard. This could include the plants intended for felling on other sites and will reduce the fees for doing so.