Storage Hall Conversion

Conversion of Storage Hall into Office Building with Fitness Studio for Medical Company

Investor: private
Phase: completed
Date: 2017-2018
Area: 1 100 sqm

Paweł Dadok
Michał Rogowski
Maria Roj

In cooperation with:
Konrad Basan

The design aims at reconstructing one of the warehouse halls in the seat of a pharmaceutical company near Warsaw. The investor’s idea to fill the hall with office space and a recreation room for employees was implemented to maximize the building parameters and its surroundings. On the ground floor, we have placed spacious public offices with a view of the surrounding greenery and accompanying rooms. That allowed us to obtain a mezzanine above, intended for a spacious recreation room without additional supports. The lighting with evenly spaced skylights provided an interesting interior space, and it distinguished the building from the neighboring halls. As a result, the structure signals its integration and recreation purposes to all employees working in the complex and is also indirectly associated with the company’s activities.