Warsaw Commuter Railway Stations

Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD) Stations

Investor: WKD Sp. z o.o. (Warsaw Commuter Railway ltd)
Phase: competition project
Date: 2016
Scope: 28 railway stations, 45 platforms
Awards: 1st prize in an architectural design competition

The small architecture of the existing WKD stations and stops was known for it’s endless diversity of styles and was often placed on the platforms in a random manner. The aim of the project is to gather all architectural elements along a distinct black line, which extends at the platform. The black, stretched line emphasises the elongated proportions of each station and refers to the notion of a speeding train.
The universal symbol of the line is seen by us an idea that brings the direction of development of platforms as well as the Warsaw Railway, both in visual perception and future progress.
The objective is to create a long lasting and neutral basis for identification, without the need of rebuilding each of the stations.

Konrad Basan
Paweł Dadok
Maria Roj