Warsaw Commuter Railway Stations

Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD) Stations

Investor: WKD Sp. z o.o. (Warsaw Commuter Railway ltd)
Phase: competition project
Date: 2016
Scope: 28 railway stations, 45 platforms
Awards: 1st prize in an architectural design competition

Konrad Basan
Paweł Dadok
Maria Roj

The small architecture elements of the existing 28 stops of the Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD) have a diverse character and are often arranged on the platforms in a random manner. The design aims at placing the elements of development used by passengers in one clear line stretching along the platform. This simple act underlines the longitudinal proportions of the individual stations. The stretched line alludes to the speed of a train and the railroads dynamics. In this universal symbol, we see an idea that could set the direction for developing the WKD, both in terms of visual identification and the arrangement of platforms. Graphite, neutral colors of the station arrangement elements constitute an unobtrusive background for identification. In principle, such a discreet, neutral direction in shaping the shelters, benches, etc., will make it unnecessary to design individual solutions for each of the 28 stops and would set the urban context for the surroundings of individual stations (both architecture and greenery) that will determine their individual character.