Warsaw Commuter Railway Stations

Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD) Stations

investor: Warsaw Commuter Railway Sp. z o.o.
stage: project entered for competition
date: 2016
scope: 28 stations, 45 platforms
awards: 1st prize in an architectural design competition

Currently all WKD’s 28 stations are build in various styles and were often placed randomly throughout years.The concept is to align all functional components passengers use in one, clear line placed along the platform.This simple procedure will only accent distinctive proportions of stations whilst the elongated line corresponds with speeding trains and the dynamics of movement. A simple line- the most familiar symbol becomes an idea which could not only fuel company’s future development but also in designing planned train platforms as well as visual identification.The background for the functional elements of the project is kept within a non- intrusive graphite and neutral pallette. The objective is to create a long lasting neutral base without the need of rebuilding each of the stations. This unified system will accentuate each station’s natural and architectural surroundings and transform the location to become a landmark on its own.

Konrad Basan
Paweł Dadok
Maria Roj