Blast Furnace

Renewal and Adaptation of the “Pokój” Steelworks Blast Furnace in Ruda Śląska

Investor: Ruda Śląska City Council
Phase: concept design
Date: 2019
Area: 2300 m2
Awards: 3rd award in 2 stage architectural competition

Konrad Basan
Paweł Dadok
Maria Roj

Paulina Górecka
Olga Kowalska
Ewa Mucha

One of the main design assumptions is to create a lively space around the Blast Furnace. We decided that the best place for a public square would be the empty area of the casting hall with the beautifully exposed Blast Furnace. The space size is adequate to the scale of the iconic structure and it allows for viewing it from a proper perspective. The newly designed square will become a new important public space in the city, connected with and dedicated to the industrial heritage of the region.

We wanted the new museum pavilion to be embedded entirely in Huta Pokój Ironworks, so that its character, structure and form were ideologically related to the structure of the Blast Furnace. Hence the linear structure of the steel beams of the pavilions’ roofs, creating a grate that resembles bridges and steel halls. In this case, steel becomes a manifesto of the Blast Furnace possibilities.

The proposed extension is horizontal and single-storey, complementing and protecting the most valuable elements of the monument. The longitudinal single-storey pavilions are distinguished from the vertical forms of the stove, heaters and chimneys . The new buildings complete and continue the rich history of this place.