Koszalin University of Technology – “Science Centre – Cognitarium” building

Investor: Koszalin University of Technology
Phase: projekt koncepcyjny
Year: 2020
Area: 5 900 sqm

Konrad Basan
Paweł Dadok
Maria Roj

Ewa Mucha

The Cognitarium will become an important venue not only in Koszalin but also in the region. It will be a place of integration and meetings for students, university staff and city residents.

The design assumes creating an open and friendly building available to the residents. Architecture, urban planning, functional layout and structure of the Cognitarium all manifest these features. Openness and accessibility of the building are implemented through appropriate distribution of functions, but also through strong architectural and urban gestures, such as a glazed facade, open plan, intuitively placed entrances, connection with the existing urban layout and extending it with new zones and connections.

The quarter formed by the Koszalin University of Technology exemplifies planned creation of an urban structure. Its buildings stand out against the background of quite chaotic layout of the surrounding area. The Cognitarium continues this trend, in line with the assumed urban layout. Location along Śniadeckich Street and the continuation of the building line allow for developing the University further in the southern part of the quarter. The pedestrian and bicycle paths with a row of trees connecting Śniadeckich and Gdańska Streets will make the Library the most popular place on the campus embedded in the teeming academic and city life.