Museum – Pilecki’s House

Museum – Pilecki’s House

investor: Museum – Pilecki’s House in Ostrowia Mazowiecka
stage: project entered for competition
date: 2017
space: 430 sqm
awards:1st prize in an architectural design competition

The main objective in this project is to retain the original look of the Pilecki’s Family House as a small landowner’s home located amid a lush garden.The concept is to feature the house and bring out the most of the garden space. The execution of the idea is to move the extension deep into the garden and joining the glazed pathway with the house. For additional weight of the extent of the house a generous glass wall surrounded by a colonnade was proposed. Sliding showcases reveal a hidden hall, opening the space to let the garden inside.

The greenery architecture brings back the style of an old small town house garden but with a modern park-like wide strolling paths.The concept is to create a scenery of a house surrounded by plants with colourful flowers overlooking the garden and flowerbeds creating delicate walking aisles.

Konrad Basan
Paweł Dadok
Michał Rogowski
Maria Roj

In cooperation with:
Anna Kotowska
Tadeusz Dadok