Sports hall

Sports hall building for primary school in Warsaw (Praga District)

Investor: City of Warsaw
Phase: concept design
Date: 2018
Area: 4800m2

Konrad Basan
Paweł Dadok
Maria Roj

In contrast to the closed residential quarters of Praga district, we assumed that the designed buildings should allow spatial and visual contact with the entire currently undeveloped area. Hence, we decided to place a gym on the ground floor with other classrooms above it. This allowed for the creation of the largest space on the ground level and in contact with the city for the integration of students, parents and visitors.
The designed buildings respect the provisions of the local spatial plan, closing the frontage of Białostocka Street. The new sports hall refers to the existing development, adjoins the outbuildings at the plot border and moves away from them at the adjacent yard. The top floor is withdrawn, creating terraces accessible from the classrooms. The western terrace is in the vicinity of the neighboring quarter yard, whereas the eastern one improves lighting in the existing school and faces the open area of school playgrounds.